Video 1: Why YOU need a Financial Plan

To complete your OWN 1 page Financial Plan:

  1. Fill in block “Why is Money important to me?”. List as many relevant reasons as you wish. Remember this should impact how you spend and save your money every day.
  2. Can you list in the block “My Financial Goals” x3 Short Term (2-24 months) and x3 Long Term (3-10 years) goals?
  3. My Outstanding Debt – If you have Debt, please list the details: Who you owe, How much and the % Rates. What is your Total Debt?
  4. My Monthly Budget – Do you have you own Monthly Budget? What is your Monthly Income? What are your Monthly Expenses? Do you have a Positive balance at Month end? List any steps you need to take and watch the “Budgeting Basics” Video.
  5. What planning do you have for your Future? Tick the relevant boxes and list all the relevant detail in the Future Planning block: Do you have Emergency Savings, a Will, do you need any Insurance – Short Term, Medical, Disability, Life Cover/Funeral Policy? And do you have any Short Term Savings or Long Term Investments?
  6. When complete…Ask yourself: Am I happy with my Financial Plan? Am I spending and saving in line with my Goals, and reasons Why Money is important to me? What steps do I need to take to improve my Financial situation?

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