(Testimonials from participants of Beautiful Gate and The Zanokhanyo Network)

What did you like most about your interaction with The Financial Coach Foundation?

  1. They taught me a lot about money, how to manage my money and how to make my money grow.
  2. I liked that it challenged me to think about my future and gave various ideas and plans on how to take steps on becoming more secure and self-sufficient.
  3. I liked the fact that now I know when I start earning, I will start saving and budgeting. Now I know the importance.

As a result of this workshop, I PLAN TO:

  1. Share the knowledge that I have learnt with others.
  2. Start making wise decisions regarding my finances and to stop making unnecessary debt, as well as to start drawing up a proper budget and save,
  3. Do everything according to how much I earn, not over-spend and think about my future.
  4. Start changing my behaviour towards spending. I never budgeted before but today I learned that if I don’t budget, I will be stuck on debts.